Online Booking Requirements

​In-advance of the shoot;

  • Movie choice: we require your selection of movie at least 7 days before the shoot date.

  • Actor/role names: we require the names of those participating and the character in the movie each actor will play. You can provide this information at the time of booking, or sometime after booking, at least 7 days before the shoot date.

  • If the actor is under 13 years of age or is a vulnerable adult, a booking media consent form must be submitted on the Moviestrz website by the Parent/Guardian at least 1 day in-advance of the shoot date, otherwise the actor can participate in the party, but will not be recorded and will not be included in the finished movie.

During the shoot;

  • Equipment required for each actor: an internet-connected device with camera, microphone and speaker, e.g. a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone, capable of joining a Zoom meeting.

  • Location: each actor must place their device on a stable surface, e.g. a desk, table, bed, etc.; it cannot be held free-hand.

  • ​Clothing: no obviously branded clothing should be worn; long sleeves are recommended for effective video editing.
  • Background: ideally not cluttered and without too much pale pink immediately behind the actor.
  • Quiet: shhhh, it’s a lot easier to record good quality audio without a whole lot of background noise (don’t worry, we can cope with a little though)​.