Online Film Shoot


The film shoot is interactive, engaging and creative. Whether the children are extrovert or a little quiet and nervous, our Director will positively involve everyone, with 'fun' central to the experience. Each child has a line or two of simple dialogue and a range of action shots, keeping them interested the whole time.

End to End Process


​Book one of our Packages and you'll receive a confirmation email including a Zoom link for the big day. All you need to do is provide a few details in-advance (see our booking requirements) and then everyone can wait with nervous excitement! If the children are really eager, they can even begin learning their lines.


​Once online, the actors are briefed on the running order. A fun acting game will warm everyone up with some laughter and build confidence ahead of the shoot. The Director will walk each actor through their part and dialogue, and then it's "action." Once all shots are recorded, it's a wrap!


Back at our studio, the actors will be edited into the professional movie.


Within a couple of days, you'll receive a link to watch, download or share your HD movie(s) with friends and family.

Film Clapboard


Package '60-4' allows 2-4 actors to make 1 movie during a 60-minute booking

Want more movies or more kids? Choose 'Package 90' and 2-4 actors make 2 movies, or 5-8 actors make 1 movie per person (2 movies in total)

Book now and sprinkle movie magic at your children's party for just £99!